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Zeal for Life – My 16 Pound Weight Loss in 8 Weeks

Zeal for Life Wellness Formula Helped Me Attain Dramatic Weight Loss Fast 

Zeal for Life wellness formula turned out to be everything that was supposed to be and then some. Zeal for Life is a whole food nutritional supplement whose core ingredient is stabilized rice bran. Stabilized rice bran has been around for centuries but until recently, nobody has been able to harness the healing powers of stabilized rice bran like Zurvita with the Zeal stabilized rice bran drink product.  I have been using the Zeal drink for about 10 months now and Zeal has been used to replace all the other supplements that I was taking that really turned out to be useless as far as their effectiveness on my body. This is because pills are not readily absorbed into the body and many are passed through the body undigested. Zeal for Life being whole food product was something that gave me immediate results as far as energy and increased sense of well-being. It also curbed my appetite and I used it as a meal replacement when I can't eat regular wholesome foods. Zeal for Life is truly one of those products that lives up to its reputation so much so that I put it to another challenge.

When using the Zeal for Life product I noticed that my appetite seemed suppressed and when I was growing sluggish later in the day I would have another Zeal drink to pick me up and give me an energy boost. The other thing that I noticed was that my cravings for snacks diminished and I wasn't eating as much when it was time for dinner. Long story short, I overindulged over the holiday season and I added a few extra pounds that I wanted to get rid of. I came up with the great idea to incorporate an exercise routine with a light lunch and another two Zeal for Life drinks spaced out evenly mid morning and mid afternoon. Zeal for Life drink is only 48 calories yet gives your body a boatload of nutrition. In layman's terms, it gives you everything good and nothing bad. I decided to stay on my Zeal routine along with light exercise for 20 to 30 minutes on a 60 day challenge of my own.

My Results With the Zeal for Life Drink Were Impressive

After just eight weeks on my routine using the Zeal for Life drink two to three times daily and exercising 20 to 30 minutes per day, I've been able to achieve a dramatic 16 pound weight loss in just eight weeks. The fact of the matter is I didn't stop eating anything that I was eating before rather, I'm more in control of the foods I eat because I'm not in the craving mode or constantly snacking and overeating because the Zeal helps me feel satisfied and full. Zeal for Life drink is not a weight loss program but, its core ingredient, stabilized rice bran is what helps make up the Zeal Weight Management Program. It definitely helped me with achieving my goals for short-term weight loss in a pretty dramatic fashion.

Zeal for LifeSo, whether you need to lose weight or you're just looking for a better way to nourish and feed your body with all the good things that it needs, the Zeal for Life drink should be your first choice. Take the Zeal for Life challenge and start feeding your body the right way. Go here to get your Zeal for Life wellness formula now.

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Zeal for Life – Accelerate Weight Loss Results By Varying Workouts

Zeal for Life – Alter Your Exercise Routine to Keep Motivated

Zeal for Life enthusiasts know that exercise and proper nutrition will help them meet their weight loss and fitness goals. 

Zeal for Life drink users know that exercise routines can often get boring and mundane so experts advise you to vary your workouts to prevent loss of interest. Keeping interested and excited about daily workouts will ultimately determine whether or not you stick with the program and achieve your fitness goals.

Ben Greenfield, Fitness and Triathlon expert and Get-Fit Guy pod cast host tells Zeal for Life consumers how to mix up their routines to help them stay motivated in their fitness program long-term.

10 Ways to Keep Your Workouts Exciting

Zeal For LifeThere is a principle in exercise called "SAID" which stands for "specific adaptations to imposed demands."  Basically, means that your body will eventually adapt to the demands placed upon it. So if you exercise regularly, you must constantly alter your routine in some way it will continue to get results, or to get off a weight-loss plateau.

The nice part about changing up your workouts is that not only does it keep your body guessing, but it also keeps your brain guessing, which can help keep workouts from getting ho-hum or boring, and keep you from losing your exercise motivation!

So here are 10 ways to vary your workouts and keep you body from adapting!

#1 Switch Positions

If you usually sit while doing an exercise, try standing! For example, a seated shoulder press or seated machine shoulder press can easily be done in a standing position by grabbing a set of dumbbells instead. If you're already doing the dumbbell version, then balance on one leg while you press overhead. Or do a squat before you press. You can even get one of those fancy balance devices like a Bosu ball or an air pillow and balance on that with one leg or two legs while you press.

#2 Change Your Grip

For example, triceps pushdowns, an exercise for the back of your arms, are traditionally done with cable resistance that you pull against while gripping a thick rope with wooden or plastic knobs. But instead of a rope, you could also use a straight bar or a curling bar for your pushdowns. Or you could use a thumbs-off rather than thumbs-on grip to work different muscles. You can even combine this with switching positions, and kneel on a Bosu ball or get into a lunging position on the ground.

#3 Change Your Time

Your body can actually grow accustomed to exercising at a specific time of day, and if you have the time flexibility, you can throw yourself a metabolic curveball by switching things up. So if you're used to late afternoon or evening exercise, switch to the morning, or vice versa. This can also keep you from getting bored with the same old routine, since switching up your time of day also means you may see new people, sights, and sounds as you're exercising. I recently switched from swimming in the early evening to swimming in the early morning, and that simple change-up has made my swims different and given my days a fresh start.

#4 Change Your Speed

If you usually do push-ups at regular speed, you can try super slow push-ups instead, with a four-count down and a four-count up. Or, you can do your push-ups very fast, lowering down and pushing up as fast as possible. Alternatively, you could lower slowly and push-up fast. If you're an advanced exerciser, try explosive push-ups (clap between each push-up).

#5 Use Different Equipment

If you usually lift with barbells or dumbbells, then try machines. If you're accustomed to both, try elastic bands or cables. Or if you're more advanced, you may want to consider using other creative forms of resistance, such as kettlebells, sandbags, water jugs, chains, or heavy elastic bands.

#6 Change Your Order

If you usually sequence cardio before you do weights, then try reversing that pattern. Unless you're a strict weight-lifter or marathon devotee, this change in order won't affect you negatively. If you usually do cardio on a different day than weights, try doing cardio and weights on the same day, and then inject something new, like yoga or Pilates on your off-day. You can also change the order in which you do your exercises. For example, if you typically perform a full body workout that starts with upper body, then lower body, then core, you can instead begin doing lower body first, then core, then upper body.

#7 Change Your Rest Length

If you usually do a circuit with minimal rest intervals, then you're maximizing your time in the gym. But if you rest longer, you'll find that you can lift heavier weights, or do more complex exercises, since you're not quite as exhausted during the exercises. Or if you usually sit for long periods of time between your exercises, then try including rope jumping or jumping jacks into your rest periods. Finally, if you normally do exercises one by one, you can instead try a circuit, in which you string all your exercises together in one long set, and then when you get to the end of the circuit, repeat for multiple rounds!

#8 Experiment With Diet

Your body will usually burn what's available during a workout, so if you're used to eating breakfast before a morning exercise routine, you can instead try eating breakfast after and working out on an empty stomach so that you force your body to rely on storage energy for fuel. Or, if you typically avoid eating before a workout or always do fasted workouts, you can try fueling your body with an easy-to-digest fuel, like fruit, potato, or a smoothie before you begin — and you may discover newfound energy and intensity.

#9 Slow Down

If you're one of those individuals who always has to work extremely hard during a workout, you may find it stress-relieving to try something less hard, like an easy Yoga class or a light bike ride or hike on a nature trail. By replacing some of your hard workouts with easy ones, it may leave you feeling more rested and refreshed – and keep you from developing chronic stress or injuries from overtraining.

#10 Try a New Class

Recently, I took a "Performance Pump" class, which had me running all over the place doing lunges, planks, hops, steps, and push-up variations that I'd never performed before, and in an order and at a tempo that I wasn't used to. Even though I'm in good shape, I was sore for days and got a big fitness boost because I exposed myself to some new movement patterns that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I also recently tried a kickboxing class, a few Bikram yoga classes, a core camp, and some TRX. By throwing these new routines in on a regular basis, I can keep my body and brain guessing. So if you have access to a health club or gym, then try some new classes.


In the article above, Ben Greenfield gave Zeal for Life drink users 10 ways to mix up their workout routines to to keep their exercise and fitness programs interesting and exciting and stay on a clear path to achieve results.  If you have more ideas about good ways to keep your workouts exciting and keep you from getting bored with the same old exercise routine, or you would like to share your Zeal for Life product results, leave your comment below!

Zeal For Life Drink – A Natural Super Food

Zeal for LifeZurvita Makes Stabilized Rice Bran Super With Zeal For Life Drink

Zeal for Life drink is becoming a household name and for good reason. Zurvita has taken stabilized Rice bran to the next level with this great nutritional whole food product. Zeal for Life drink contains the best super foods that the planet has to offer and taken once a day the Zeal for Life drink as only 48 calories a serving and Zeal has no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

Many longtime users of the Zeal for Life drink find it far superior to other similar products that are out there on the market today and it tastes great. Zeal for Life drink is hypoallergenic, yeast and gluten-free.  Zeal for Life drink also contains nature's super herbs known as Adaptogens.  It took hundreds of the world's most prominent scientist three decades and over $2 billion of research to identify a handful of elite plants and demonstrate their unique and energizing anti aging, restorative and brain improving powers that the Adaptogens that are contained in the Zeal for Life drink.

Additionally, many users of the Zeal for Life drink tend to feel immediate results from the product. Those immediate results from the Zeal drink may bring long-term health benefits when taken over time. Moreover, the Zeal drink replaces many of the products that you may be using right now because as a natural whole food source, Zeal contains more than 80 different minerals and more than 120 antioxidants which eliminates the need for all of those other products. By consuming Zeal for life once a day you no longer need to take handfuls of supplements and pills and therefore will save you money each and every month beginning the day one.

Zeal for Life Drink Targets the Seven Major Health Challenges

Zeal for Life goes to work on the root causes of our health problems including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, weight gain, body discomfort, low energy and poor immune system. Zeal for Life drink uses only natural, time-tested ingredients some used for centuries, and scientific clinical research confirms their incredible health benefits. Zeal for Life Drink contains more than 80 different trades minerals to deliver nutrients at the cellular level. Zeal for Life helps fight against the number one killer – heart disease including heart attack and stroke. Homocysteine, a toxic amino acid has been identified as a true root cause of heart disease. The Zeal for Life drink contains many other vital nutrients that help lower the dangerous Homocysteine levels. The Zeal drink is a complete anti-aging program in one amazing product. The primary cause of aging is free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and contribute to illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. Antioxidants fight free radicals. The Zeal for Life drink is your most comprehensive antioxidant program. Zeal contains the largest array of antioxidants and powerful Tocotrienols.

Try Zeal for Life Super Food Today and Share it With Others

The very best way to start receiving the health benefits of the Zeal for Life drink is to start taking it today. Order your 30 day supply of the Zeal for Life drink now.  Zeal comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and should give you enough time to start feeling the amazing results that avid users of the Zeal for Life product receive each and every day.

Zeal For Life – Not Your Ordinary Rice Bran

Zeal For Life Rice Bran Drink is Changing Lives Through Proper Nutrition

Zeal for LifeTry the Zeal for Life rice bran drink one time and you'll immediately realize that all rice bran products are not created equal. Zeal for Life stabilized rice bran is water soluble, predigested and easily available to the body to absorb and contains over 120 antioxidants. In short, cell ready super food! Super health is result of two things. First, feeding the cells with bio-available nutrient dense food sources. And second, protecting the cells from free radicals. Due to the large array of naturally occurring antioxidants, Zeal for Life stabilized rice bran may help fight premature aging, heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, and certain eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. No other whole food, supplement or combination of supplements can compare with the Zeal for Life product.

Zeal for Life Uses Only Natural, Time-tested Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in the Zeal for Life have been used for centuries and scientific, clinical research confirms their incredible health benefits. Zeal for Life contains more than 80 different trace, Ionic, and fulvic minerals as well as zeolites to deliver nutrients at the cellular level. Zeal for Life helps fight against the "number one killer," heart attack and stroke. Homocysteine, a toxic amino acid has been identified as a true cause of heart disease. Zeal for Life contains many other vital nutrients that help lower the dangerous Homocysteine levels.

Zeal for Life is a Complete Anti-Aging Program in One Amazing Product 

The primary cause of aging is free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and contribute to illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Antioxidants fight free radicals. Zeal for Life is your most comprehensive antioxidant program. Zeal for Life stabilized rice bran contains the largest array of antioxidants – over 120, and the most powerful antioxidants, and tocotrienols your body needs.  Zeal for Life stabilized rice bran drink is great for those following "the zone" diet program. You get the protein, carbohydrates, and essential fat with low glycemic index with the Zeal for Life product.

The bottom line is Zeal for Life contains the best super foods that the planet has to offer. Many people find it to be far superior to RiSoTriene, Protandim, Juice Plus and other leading nutritional products. Think of all the products you won't need to buy and how much money you will save each month using an all-inclusive natural whole food supplement. Moreover, you can enjoy drinking the Zeal for Life instead of swallowing handfuls of pills and supplements. Zeal for Life only has 48 calories per serving and has no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives and unlike other products that are good for you – the Zeal for Life takes great! Zeal for Life is hypoallergenic and yeast and gluten-free. Best of all the Zeal for Life may  deliver immediate results as well as provide long-term health benefits and overall wellness.

Go here now to buy Zeal and and enjoying the healing powers  and health benefits of the Zeal for Life stabilized rice bran drink.

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