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Zeal for Life Consultants Cashing In on Zurvita Car Program

Zeal for LifeThere were 20 more new Mercedes-Benz's added to the roadways in the US by Zeal for Life consultants in the month of May.  "Newbies" or newcomers to the business can qualify for free Mercedes-Benz and a $1000 bonus in their first 30 days as a new Zeal for Life consultant.

The process is simple and easy and there is no selling involved. It comes down to simply sharing a life-changing product that provides immediate and beneficial health results that you can actually feel within 10 to 20 minutes. Zeal for Life consultants are sharing the product with people that they know and even people they don't know as it really comes down to handing out a single-serving sample and a free marketing piece called the Doctors Report. The result is a high number of instant product sales as well as an influx of people wanting to join the business.

People from all walks of life are taking advantage of Zurvita's free Mercedes-Benz program and the $1000 All-Star bonus to turn their lives around and make a positive change in their lives in a very short period of time. New car and bonus winners are typical, everyday people from all walks of life who have never had experience in the network marketing industry. These are homemakers, former pizza delivery drivers, and even unemployed people looking for a change. Most do it part-time and some do it full-time because it is easy to replace their employment income very quickly. One of the most exciting facets to the program is that in order to receive the car and the $1000 bonus you must be a newbie in the Zeal for Life business – meaning that you must be completely new to the Zurvita program. The car and bonus winner numbers are growing monthly as 13 got the car and the $1,000 bonus in March, 17 did it in April, and now 20 have done it in May.

Zurvita consultants are some of the most excited home business owners in the US today because of a life-changing product known as Zeal for Life. This 100% natural, nutritional product is giving people immediate and beneficial results that they can actually feel and Zeal is making a significant difference in their health and well-being. Testimonials are numerous and abundant which makes product sales an effortless event. Those involved in direct selling know that you must to have a unique and consumable product that everyone needs and wants in order to stand out in a crowd and the Zeal for Life drink is just that and more. Product sales are increasing in double-digit increments each and every month and the Zeal for Life drink is quickly becoming a popular household name. Hot spot states for product sales include California, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida with the rest of the nation gaining momentum.

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Zeal for Life – Sharing is Caring and Good Business

How I found Zeal for Life

Zeal For LifeZeal for Life is an amazing natural nutritional product that's taking America by storm so chances are if you haven't heard about Zeal for Life by now you will in the near future. I was introduced to the Zeal drink by a friend of mine who knew that I worked long hours and had trouble with lack of energy. He sent me a single serving sample bottle to try and immediately I felt the results and so I ordered a one-month supply of the product. It wasn't long afterwards that people started to notice a difference in me. Many became curious and some started to ask questions. They wanted to know how I was able to work such long hours and at such a steady pace and where did I get all my energy from? And, at family gatherings they noticed that I wasn't eating constantly like I had done in the past. Some said they noticed a calmness about me that they hadn't seen before. My answer to all their questions was very simple – I use the Zeal for Life product everyday.

Share the Zeal Drink and Pay it Forward

Curiosity set in about what Zeal for Life actually is and I shared it with them. We began discussing health issues and problems that each had and how the product could help them as a nutritional treatment rather than seeking out medicinal treatments. I soon began to share the Zeal drink product with everybody that I knew that had some sort of health issue and even with those that had no health issues at all. Nothing was more satisfying than sharing a product that has done wonders for me and my health so that I could help others as well.

The Zeal Drink Was the Talk of the Party

Now even more dramatic results from the Zeal for Life product have come to light as I have lost more than 22 pounds in about 14 weeks using the product. A recent holiday gathering brought this to the attention of many as no one has seen me for about two and a half months so many were stunned as the result of my 22 pound weight loss. These are people were absolutely amazed and even more so when they found out the Zeal for Life isn't even a weight-loss product. It's been three days since the party of my phone still hasn't stopped ringing and orders are still coming in from people I've never even met as a result of people talking about my great results with the Zeal for Life product.

Zeal for Life is a Caring Business

Zeal for Life is an all natural nutritional product to give your body all of the good and none of the bad. The key ingredient is stabilized rice bran. Stabilized rice bran is the most nutrient dense food source on the planet and it's predigested – so it's cell ready food. Add to that 41 of the planet best super foods and nutrients and Zeal for Life feeds and nourishes the body. Sharing the product with those people that I know and love is a good thing as I am giving them something that is actually beneficial for them. Sharing the Zeal for Life product with them and showing them how to do the same as turned out to be a pretty good business all around as is not only helping others to live healthier lives but it's also helping them to create more financially stable lives as well.

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