Governments Seem Helpless to Reduce High Cholesterol Epidemic

Each year governments devote billions of dollars on medicines in the attempt to reduce high Cholesterol. Nonetheless, even with these huge investments, heart illness (largely a result of high Cholesterol) continues to be the number one killer in the western planet.

Nevertheless, a ray of light has shone to reduce high Cholesterol via new analysis which has uncovered that countless numbers of men and women with high Cholesterol levels have been in a position to significantly reduce high Cholesterol by way of non-health intervention. Studies have shown that they have been able to reduce high Cholesterol as a direct consequence of an adjustment in their dietary habits. Did you know that the key influence to reduce high Cholesterol amounts is a diet program?

What you consume has a profound effect on  whether you have high or normal ranges of cholesterol. I'm confident that if you have been diagnosed as having high cholesterol you will be required to take some sort of medicine to reduce high Cholesterol. But, you need to know, it can never ever be cured by means of conventional approaches as one must make an attempt to reduce high cholesterol naturally.

Classic medication is successful with helping to reduce high Cholesterol by means of a drug regime, but the medications simply deal with the signs or symptoms of the illness not the root cause therein. Unfortunately, the present day way of living and culture makes it difficult for one to reduce high Cholesterol. Much of the problem lies with consuming sugars, sweets, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, coffee, cola, fats, fried meals, alcohol, vinegar, and high carbs, as all contribute to an imbalance in the entire body, with high cholesterol intake becoming the root cause of high Cholesterol itself. It is a truth that high Cholesterol is not a disease but a signal that the problem has occurred internally and therefore, the effort to reduce high Cholesterol must come from within as well.

So how do we reduce high Cholesterol and help our internal system recover? We begin to reduce high Cholesterol by cleansing the body from the inside, rebalancing and providing the body with great nutrition and permitting it to rest and heal. But most importantly we reduce high Cholesterol by ceasing to pump the body with refined, processed and fatty foods.

There are a handful of changes that you can begin right now in your battle to reduce high Cholesterol. First and foremost you must reduce your day-to-day consumption of the food items I have listed above until finally you are not consuming them at all! I know it's not going to be simple but if you want to avoid a stroke or heart attack and reduce high Cholesterol then you have to make it a priority.

There are alternative options to reduce high Cholesterol, which are more appetizing and more enjoyable. For example:Reduce High Cholesterol

  • Use olive oil blended with herbs and lemon juice on your salads.
  • Duplicate the Italians and use an olive oil spread on bread, and make certain that any margarine you use does not include trans fats.
  • Try and reduce high carb foods. Consuming a reduced carb diet regime will lead to fat loss, reduction in serum triglyceride levels, and enhance the HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Consume fish oils, up to four grams each day regularly because it will elevate good HDL.
  • Drink pomegranate juice.
  • Nibble walnuts and almonds four or five times a week.
  • Bake and steam your food instead of frying.
  • Consume all of the available berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.
  • Steer clear of red meats and consume fish three times a week. Include wild salmon, tuna, sardines and bluefish to your diet.
  • If you must have alcohol, only drink moderate quantities, 12oz beer, 4oz wine, or a shot of spirits 1 1/2 oz. This can be consumed three to four days a week.

Reducing high Cholesterol is very simple and can be carried out following a very low-carb diet program and employing all-natural, healthy complimentary medicine. It is time to stop eating poorly to our own detriment and make a difference to reduce high Cholesterol! It is time to escape the deadly "Cholesterol Trap" and reduce high Cholesterol naturally.

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