Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink is a Healthier Alternative to Energy Drinks 

I usually have some pretty long days where there are very little hours of rest and so I rely on the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink to keep me going.  Before finding the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink, I was using quite a number of energy drinks from the local grocery store. Believe it or not, I could drink several of those store bought drinks each day after downing nearly an entire pot of coffee first thing in the morning and still would have that sluggishness and felt an energy drop in the middle of the day. As a matter of fact it may sound a little crazy but I think the energy drinks actually made me tired because when I crashed –  I crashed hard. 

The Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink doesn't have that "sugar crash" and it's much healthier because unlike the other drinks,  it's aZeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink natural, whole food supplement that contains many beneficial nutrients. This brings me to my point that the other day a friend of mine who tried the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink for the first time made the comment to me about how much more "awake" he felt after drinking some of the Zeal. He likened it to an energy drink. When he said that it got me to thinking because I too noticed that I've been less tired and less fatigued over this last week too. Now, I've been consuming stabilized rice bran for a number of years and I've always known the health benefits to the product but I've never experienced anything like I've had with Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink. This past week while using the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink I noticed that my mornings are much easier when I start them off drinking the Zeal mixed with orange juice and then later again in the middle of the day as it keeps me going. 

A lot of the increased energy can be attributed to the Guarna that's in the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink that gives you that boost of energy that you need but it doesn't make you jittery and feel uncomfortable as it only has about the same level of caffine that a cup of coffee would have. The benefits of the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink over the other products however, is that it has all of the good stuff and none of the bad the other products have for which they received a lot of bad press recently.

Additionally, I don't seem to feel the crash that I felt using those other products and when you consider the additional nutritional benefits of the Zeal Drink, I feel like I get way more results and a much greater value for the money. So the next time that you're thinking about buying an energy drink – reach for a handy, single-serving bottle of the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink and see how it makes you feel.  Find out more about the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink in the FREE Doctors Report describing the health benefits of the Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink

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