Anti-Aging Antioxidants 

Antioxidants came to my attention first while I was shaving, looking in the mirror I suddenly became aware that something was changing. I had the realization that I was beginning to show my AGE!.. My stomach turned over. That evening while on the net I found myself searching for anti ageing remedies and came across antioxidants… I read scientific research reports on antioxidants, one after another… My interest soared!.. Since then I have found the antioxidants that work the best to slow down the aging process… Free Radicals are to blame and you may be aware of this yourself.  

But, Do you know that antioxidants not only to slow down the aging effect but also bring it to as close as possible to a stand still… Progressive cell damage are caused by free radicals and your worst enemy. Your skin is what really gives your age away to keep it young and healthy looking is where antioxidants play a major role… There are several types of antioxidants that are effective to neutralize these free radicals…

Here is a list of the very best that slow down Human ageing process, Foods with the Highest level of antioxidants is dark chocolate, the chocolate bean which is proven to be crammed full of antioxidants.. Vegetables such as kale, red cabbage, spinach, peppers, parsley, chili pepper, artichoke, Brussels sprouts, lemon, ginger and red beets, dry fruits, legumes, and seeds, also cereals are all high in antioxidants as well..Red wine, is able to protect against substance disease, and totally bring to order large amounts of free radicals. Mushrooms contain anti-aging antioxidants and rank as one of the highest. A University scientific research team has found that eating ordinary white-bottom mushrooms regularly and uncooked, can prevent cardiovascular and cancer diseases, And give a sustained and significant anti-aging effect. These mushrooms are an excellent source of ergothioneine, This is a super powerful anti-aging antioxidant, Mushrooms contain twelve times more ergothioneine than the well known wheat germ… Simply no comparison

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Anti aging antioxidant and supplements Do they Really Help. It certainly can be found, many antioxidant dietary supplements for anti-aging. A extremely popular one is- Lifespan Extension Complex… that contains 120 capsules of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Bioperine… this boosts your immune system, giving you additional energy and increased vitality Its anti-ageing formulation is proven to reduce those nasty brown spots making your skin look younger along with claims to reduce deterioration of brain cells which happens as we get older… Most anti-aging antioxidant supplements contain huge amounts of Vitamin E, ethoxyquin and BHT… While doctors and nutritionists are still debating about the effect of Vitamin E on aging, the positive effects of ethoxyquin and BHT are well proven… Always consult your doctor before taking any anti-aging supplements…the very best antioxidants can be toxic in large doses because a lot are not water soluble so don't over do it…

Remember the key is to eat brightly colored fruits and berries including strawberries, blueberries, cherries, oranges, grapefruits and grapes in your diet and Hey…you will soon see the magic of antioxidants conjure up healthy and bright skin and your youth reappearing…Think of your piece of mind and the looks of envy from friends and family as they see these magical changes taking place…Will they want to know your Secret? The Zeal Stabilized Rice Bran Drink has Antioxidants to fight the aging process.


The Antioxidants
by: Richard Passwater
publisher: McGraw-Hill, published: 1998-01-11
ASIN: 087983787X
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