Try The Zeal for Life Drink When You Can't Eat a Regular Meal.

Today was a particularly long day as Monday's usually are in my business of commercial finance. The day began very quietly with a glass of orange juice mixed with a scoop of Zeal for Life Drink as I worked my way through my tasks in my one note planner that I prepared the day before. But as the 8 AM hour quickly approached the activity with the phones and e-mails began to heat up. It seemed like the more I accomplished the more that seemed to be on my to do list and so stopping for lunch for breakfast or lunch just wasn't an option. So once again I reach for a glass of juice mixed with the Zeal for Life Drink and my day went on as if I never paused for that moment. 

Zeal for Life DrinkAs the dinner hour rolled around I did stop and have a normal meal but it was not like in times past where I would over-consume to make up for what I missed out by not eating earlier in the day. In fact, after consuming the Zeal for Life Drink earlier in the day, I wasn't really that hungry. The Zeal for Life Drink seems to keep me pleasantly content throughout the day. I don't have a craving for snacks and I'm not overeating at mealtime. And unlike most other meal replacement drinks that I've had in the past, the Zeal for Life Drink seems to keep me nourished and energized at the same time.  The Zeal for Life Drink only has 45 calories per serving and tastes great. And the Zeal for Life Drink comes in a convenient, single serving container for busy people on the move. Could the Zeal for Life drink be used as a meal replacement? I seem to think so as it worked well for me. And if tomorrow is anything like today then I'll probably be doing this routine with the Zeal for Life Drink all over again. 

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