Zeal for Life Drink Nutrition and Ingredients in Detail

Zeal for Life Drink

 Zeal for Life Drink is one of the most nutrient-dense, all natural nutritional foods on the planet.  See the Zeal for Life  Drink nutrition information below.


Proprietary “Enrich” Blend  
Soluble stabilized rice bran
and rice germ and rice germ
Natural rice bran from Brazil is one of the most nutrient-dense compounds known to man. Stabilized rice bran is the source of a newly discovered complex of vitamin E and tocotrienols, along with tocopherol, the compound generally called vitamin E. Tocotrienol compounds are 40-60 times more potent than other antioxidants, the vital nutrients that fight free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals may cause premature aging and degenerative diseases. Rice bran contains over 100 of these antioxidants and co-factors to help you feel young and healthy and supply your body with more than its daily nutritional needs.Another special element of stabilized rice bran is lipoic acid. Lipoic acid produces energy in muscles and is an important part of the antioxidant system. It directs calories into energy production and away from fat production. Lipoic acid is known as the “universal antioxidant” that helps protect body components from oxidative stress damage.
Fructooligosaccharide Considered to be a prebiotic or a food for beneficial probiotic organisms, fructooligosaccharide promotes friendly bacteria in the large intestine. It may help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and improve absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphate and iron.
Moringa oleifera powder Moringa oleifera powder is a strong antioxidant found to help ease a number of health issues. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties could be good for rheumatism, joint pain, arthritis, edema and lupus. Some people find it effective against digestive disorders including colitis, diarrhea, flatulence (gas), ulcers and gastritis.
Guarana seed powder Guarana seed powder helps increase energy, boost metabolism, and suppress the appetite in a natural, healthy way.
Gotu kola One of the many benefits of gotu kola is its effectiveness in treating skin conditions. It contains substances and properties that work on the general strengthening and toning effect on connective tissue. When combined with diet, exercise and massages, it can contribute to cellulite reduction.
Alfalfa (leaf) powder Alfalfa has been used by the Chinese since the sixth century to treat several health conditions. Rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it is an amazing herbal remedy for kidney problems, fluid retention and swelling.
Chlorella Chlorella is a powerful detoxification aid for heavy metals and other pesticides. Numerous research projects in the U.S. and Europe indicate chlorella can aid the body in breaking down persistent hydrocarbon and metallic toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead, DDT and PCB while strengthening the immune system response. In Japan, interest in chlorella has focused largely on its detoxifying properties and its ability to remove or neutralize poisonous substances from the body.
Broccoli (sprout) extract Broccoli (sprout) extract may reduce inflammation and help protect you from ulcers.
Cranberry powder Cranberry powder reduces your risk of certain chronic diseases. It may also reduce kidney stones and remove unwanted toxins from the body.

Proprietary “Restore” Blend  
Milk thistle extract Milk thistle’s use in treating liver ailments dates back to the ancient Greeks. This herb has also been used in Chinese medicine for 2,000 years.
Bacopa extract Bacopa extract is used to improve memory and learning problems, as well as concentration, which has led to its use as a natural treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) uses bacopa as a tonic for the heart and nervous system and as a diuretic, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Bacopa also has traditional uses for treating symptoms of asthma, epilepsy and mental problems.
Ashwagandha Ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, hemopoietic and rejuvenating properties. It also appears to be a positive influence on the endocrine, cardiopulmonary and central nervous systems and is an antimicrobial and antioxidant.
Green tea extract Green tea extract has powerful antioxidants called polyphenols (catechins) and flavonols. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most powerful of these antioxidants. Milligram for milligram, EGCG has 25 to 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamins C and E. A cup of green tea has more antioxidants than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots or strawberries. Green tea has been shown to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and serum triglyceride levels.
Wild blueberry powder Wild blueberries are rich in phytonutrients – antioxidants such as anthocyanin – and anti-inflammatories. These natural substances found in fruits and vegetables are believed to protect against disease and promote healthy aging.
Turmeric extract Turmeric extract is an anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant. Health benefits include a degree of protection against liver toxins and improved circulation. It can benefit the digestive system, cardiac health and may reduce the risk of some cancers.
Red ginseng Red ginseng may stimulate the immune function and control blood sugar. Results of research studies suggest it may contribute to cancer prevention, improve mental and physical performance and enhance sexual function.
Grape seed extract It is believed the antioxidants in grape seed extract can improve the health of the cardiovascular and gastric systems, eyes, skin and brain. It can also improve your mental alertness and may help prevent senility.
L-arginine, glycine, lysine, tyrosine, ornithine These essential amino acids are called essential because they are not produced in our bodies and must be obtained from outside food sources. Amino acids are utilized by every cell in the body for a variety of crucial functions.
Yerba mate Yerba mate is believed to boost immunity, stimulate focus and clarity, increase physical energy, aid elimination and even fight bad breath.
Kudzu Researchers determined kudzu may help decrease the frequency, duration and intensity of cluster headaches with minimal side effects and may help manage metabolic syndrome, a condition marked by health problems including excess belly fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insulin resistance.
Fennel The health benefits of fennel include easing anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders and menstrual disorders.
Golden seal Golden seal is an antibiotic believed to activate white blood cells, help menstrual disorders, improve yeast infections, help purify the kidneys and urinary tract and treat diarrhea. It has been shown to increase insulin production and, through separate pathways, lower blood sugar levels.

Proprietary “Protect” Blend  
Aloe vera powder Aloe vera powder is a cellular regenerator with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.
Aloe polysaccaride concentrate Aloe polysaccaride concentrate improves protein digestion, helps normalize bowels, controls yeast infections, promotes proper balance of digestive bacteria and relieves indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and acid stomach without toxic effects.
Goji berry extract Goji berry extract is an ancient fruit growing in the wild in the Himalayan regions of Asia.Goji berries have been used for 6,000 years by herbalists in China, Tibet and India to help protect the liver, improve sexual function and fertility, strengthen the legs, boost immune function, improve circulation and promote longevity. Goji berries have long been revered as a universal tonic for their longevity-enhancing effects. Goji berry may support the health of the eyes, skin and cardiovascular system. The latest scientific research suggests goji berry is a potentially potent antioxidant with immune-enhancing properties.
Acai berry powder Being rich in antioxidants, acai berry powder helps eliminate several types of toxins from the body and protects cells from being destroyed by free radicals. It keeps you fresh and lively and makes your skin glow. Acai berry powder may help reduce cholesterol and fat in the body and improve the immune system, increase energy and improve blood circulation, digestion and mental health.
Noni juice powder Noni juice contains a variety of powerful antioxidants that can prevent free radicals from damaging cells. They help various body systems such as the immune, circulatory, digestive, metabolic and nervous system. Antioxidants are also very useful in preventing skin aging and skin damage. For centuries it has also been used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and as a digestive aid. It is a great source of vitamin C and some B vitamins and other beneficial minerals, contains all of the essential amino acids and is rich in fiber. It helps lower cholesterol and stabilize triglyceride levels. There are studies being conducted to test its ability as an aid in cancer prevention and in treating other diseases
Ionic minerals Ionic minerals should be found in the food we eat, but because of fertilizers and pesticides, we may not get the ionic minerals we need. Here are some of the ionic minerals and their benefits:Zinc helps liver function, boosts the immune system and plays a vital role in synthesizing DNA. Calcium is perhaps the most popular ionic mineral. It helps strengthen bones and teeth to prevent osteoporosis and other conditions. It also aids in blood coagulation to prevent vascular system diseases.Magnesium aids in strengthening bones, helps the metabolism, helps prevent heart disease and safeguards the immune system.Sodium helps regulate blood pressure for a healthier heart. It also helps transmit nerve impulses and provides the needed acid base balance in the body. Iron is second to calcium in importance to the body. It assists in proper hemoglobin production for adequate oxygen supply to the organs. Iron also helps liver function gives the body needed energy.Phosphorous aids in calcium absorption and helps the heart function at maximum levels.
Fulvic minerals Fulvic acid minerals are a natural detoxifier, aid in the assimilation of nutrients and oxygen into cells and help remove wastes and toxins from cells. They also help recharge cells’ electrical balance and restore the integrity of cell walls.
Crystalline fructose Crystalline fructose appears naturally in many fruits, vegetables and honey. It wasn’t until the 1990s that crystalline was added to manufactured foods such as beverages as a flavor enhancer. Adding crystalline fructose gives food better taste and texture. Replacing table sugar with crystalline fructose can reduce 20 to 30 calories from a drink.
Stevia A number of studies show stevia can be beneficial in treating many health conditions. Stevia is believed to have antibacterial, anti-septic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-glycemic and antihypertensive properties which may help with hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, chronic fatigue, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, weight loss, cold and flu, gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, dandruff and hair loss, brittle bones, streptococcus, candidiasis, bacterial infections and skin conditions. It may also improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system, stimulate mental activity and help in withdrawal from tobacco and alcohol addiction.
Natural flavors and
natural colors natural colors
Natural flavors and natural colors replace synthetic or artificial ingredients that could possibly be harmful.
Citric acid Citric acid is an organic acid and a natural component of many fruits and fruit juices. It may inhibit kidney stone formation and break up small stones that are beginning to form.
Ascorbic acid Ascorbic acid is used in the prevention and cure of scurvy, treatment of the common cold, boosting the immune system, helping to lower hypertension, combat stroke, maintain skin elasticity, heal wounds and control asthma symptoms.
D-alpha tocopherol D-alpha tocopherol, also known as vitamin E, is particularly important for protecting cell membranes as well as keeping skin, heart and circulation, nerves, muscles and red blood cells healthy. Antioxidants such as vitamin E protect your cells against the effects of dangerous free radicals, which can cause cell damage that may lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer.One or more members of the vitamin E family may also reduce cellular aging, inhibit the potentially damaging peroxynitrite radical, inhibit melanoma (skin cancer) cell growth, prevent abnormal blood clotting, synergize with vitamin A to protect the lungs against pollutants, protect the nervous system and retina, lower the risk of ischemic and coronary heart disease, lower the risk of certain kinds of cancer, protect immune function and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, particularly if high doses are taken in combination with vitamin C.
Retinyl palmitate Clinical results have shown vitamin A palmitate increases skin composition to increase collagen>, DNA, skin thickness and elasticity. It is essential to vision health.
Pyridoxal 5 phospate P-5-P is essential for healthy amino acid metabolism, neurotransmitter balance, immune function and is responsible for over 60 enzymatic reactions. Research shows P-5-P or B-6 plus magnesium is the most critical vitamin/mineral combination in treating autism and ADD/ADHD. Other prominent uses for P-5-P include heart health, diabetes, PMS, and pregnancy-induced nausea.
Thiamin Thiamin prevents beriberi and polyneuritis (inflammation of several nerves), promotes growth, prevents oxidation and neutralizes free radicals to help prevent premature aging and senility.
Riboflavin Riboflavin is a well-absorbed, water-soluble vitamin with key role in maintaining health. It produces energy by assisting in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Riboflavin helps ensure proper growth and development of reproductive organs and body tissues such as skin, connective tissue, eyes, mucous membranes, nervous system and the defense system. It also ensures healthy skin, nail and hair growth.
Cholecalcipherol Cholecalcipherol, also known as Vitamin D-3, helps maintain the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus to support bone mineralization, thereby promoting strong bones. Vitamin D also helps absorb phosphorous and magnesium and is most effective when cooperating with other vitamins, minerals and hormones to improve bone mineralization. Recent research suggests vitamin D might play an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system and cell formation.
Methylcobalamin Methylcobalamin can help with sleep problems, vitamin B deficiency disorders and the effects of anemia.


The makers of the Zeal for Life Drink adhere to guidelines provided by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), which ensures dietary supplements are safe before they are marketed and product label information is truthful and not misleading in the Zeal for Life Drink nutrition detail above.

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